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Las Vegas

Returned Sunday from Las Vegas. I have never wanted to go to Vegas and now I know why. The good side of it was the getting together with the cousins. Of course there was the usual “family” stuff going on between brother and sister and brother’s wife. I just kept my mouth shut. LOL

The one thing I have to say, though, was that we had some really good food. A great buffet at Ballagios and a fantastic dinner at the Paris. In the Eiffel tower restaurant. And a super lunch at one of the restaurants at the newly opened Encore.

Did a lot of walking and lost $20 to the slots.  People watching was fun too.

Back to chilly Texas but sure better than being further north.

My daughter had a gift certificate from Honey Baked Ham store so we picked one up today and shared a box lunch while there. Tonight will be ham sandwich night and not sure about tomorrow. Maybe ham and scolloped potatoes.

What a game between the Lakers and the Spurs. The Spurs won by one point in the final 10 seconds. Wow


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In and Out

Returned to San Antonio from the coast on Monday and now getting ready to head to the Hill Country for a long weekend. It will be pretty chilly up there and here also but it won’t last and no ice to drive on. At least I hope not!!

Next week will be the holiday with the kids out of school then….not sure of what is next on my agenda. Maybe a chance to catch up with some friends here in San Antonio.

Have started my appointments, with dental first. Need to get an eye appointment scheduled also. Physical sometime in the near future now that I am back where my insurance covers me.

Spent a little time at the coast with the former BF … not sure if that will continue or not.  Until I know where I might possibly move may just let that be in the “it is what it is” category.

The uncertain economy sure makes one consider hunkering down for a while and staying put.

Not getting any response from the attorney or real estate agent back in Nebraska. Why does that not surprise me. I just know I am glad to be home in Texas!

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Back in Nebraska

Returned late Wed. evening. The final five towns I usually go through evoked a shudder that I listened to so made a right turn on Hwy 24 in Kansas and came back a “new” way for me.

Had a blast in Texas. The wedding reception was a hoot, Karen and I had a great time at the B & B and some time just hanging out, the group at Log Country Cove was super fun also. Hopefully this will jump start me anew to get things finished up here.

My trip to the coast was pretty cool also. Had I not been going to the family gathering at LCC I would have been able to fish in a tournament that I wanted to do for a long time. Oh, well, family first, fishing later!

I am planning a fishing outing with the youngest Granddaughter, hopefully during the Christmas break.

Asked my daughter to email some photos she took but as busy as she is, don’t know if that will happen.

Anyway, will try to upload one of the girls having fun.

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Disappearing Act

Once again the Gremlins are at work. I had some deposits slips from the bank that is strictly for the Farm sitting on the dinning room table. At one point in time I cleared the table off and poof! cannot find hide nor hair of those slips. Now, you say, why worry about a few deposits slips. Well, because it was about a 40 mile round trip to get them. And repeating that trip anytime soon is not on my list of things to do. LOL I had other business at the bank and remembered while there I needed the slips Surely they will pop up when I am not looking for them.

Boston won the NBA championship and Tiger won the U.S. Open.  Now, into basketball withdrawal. Oh, wait, there is a game tonight with the LNBA with the San Antonio women playing Atlanta. 

It stormed again last night. The winds gusted fairly strong as it moved through the area and we were under another tornado warning. I don’t believe the winds hit 60 mph but they did just a few miles west of us. I should have mowed yesterday but maybe it will be dry enough by tomorrow to get it done. 

The back of Sweet Momma is packed except for my large duffle bag. Sure hope we do not run into any rain on the way to Moore, OK. Will get rid of some weight there as taking tools my son had pulled from Dad’s work bench and did not have room for in his vehicle. 

Today will finish up the To Do list for the most part that I wanted done before leaving on my Texas trip.

Best get at it.

‘Bout an hour later:  Found the deposit slips right where I put them. The ol’ brain cell (singular  for a reason) finally kicked in.


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A Different Tuesday


In the spring and fall I love when the windows are open and you can feel, smell and delight in the breezes. Night breezes are special. Little gusts slipping in for a quick cooling caress. Last night was such a night and I slept  so much better. Now, this morning wind advisories are out and  25+ mph gusts are sweeping through the house, south to north. 


Yesterday I drove to a small town in SE Nebraska to get a painting packed and sent to my son in South Carolina. She said she wasn’t sure when it would go as they would have to get special packaging etc. and would send me a bill when it was done. Amazing. Any place that I know of would have had a deposit, or at least a credit card # put on file for protection.


Since it was getting close to noon decided to try The Black Crow for lunch. Have wanted to do dinner there before I leave here but it is pretty “spendy” so thought I would check it out at lunch time. It is in a narrow building on the main drag. I sat in a booth in the bar area and was delighted by the tin covered tall ceiling, long old bar and view of the noon time patrons coming in the door. They had a large private party going on in the dining room so will check that out the next time I go. My lunch was the caesar salad with the best dressing I have had in a long time. Of course I am an anchovy lover and it was very apparent in this salad. My best guess is that it was an anchovy paste added to the dressing but who knows. I sure will experiment with adding it in the future. I use to make caesar salads and just rub the garlic and anchovies in the bowl prior to adding the romaine. Topping it off with a standard dressing made with an all most raw egg (gasp) LOL.  Anyway, had a glass of wine, the caesar with wine poached chicken breast and coffee. They start you off with a few slices of a very warm dense bread and  a light, fruity olive oil to dip it in. Was very good. Then spent an hour or so in an antique shop. Was a great break getting out of town.

The Black Crow



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My friend Deb is getting married in a week or so but the Texas shindig to celebrate it is the end of June. I knew I wanted to go but just how was up in the air. It was all going to cost $$ anyway you sliced it. Fly or drive. There was the possibility that a niece (by marriage) might need to go to Ft Worth so decided to let that help make the decision. Just got the call and yes, she needs to go so, driving it is. Will take a load of “stuff” with me and have company for part of the way. 

The last Saturday of this month is a DOG (dutch oven gathering) a little ways west of Omaha. I am considering making that one. The only downside is they don’t eat until 6 or 6:30 and I will have to make an 80 mile trip going West, right into the sunset to get back to the house. They are at a State Park but I do not have a tent and all the cabooses are rented for the weekend. 


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