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I first heard the word as a child

Probably from Dicken’s

A child

No Mother, No Father

A story


Later The Orphan Train

Sad tale

Aging souls seeking siblings

Living their lives, wondering

No Mother, No Father

A story


Fast forward

Days and decades fly

Time running rings around

It’s here now

No Mother, No Father

A reality


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Sunday a.m.

The Spurs losing last night is tough. The upside to that is, in the grand scheme of things, sports wins and losses are just distractions from more serious things in life. But then, again, can’t take life to serious either.

We all just bump along, hoping to do the best we can, enjoying the trip, handling both the upsides and the downsides with acceptance, humor and knowing, “what is, is”. 

Off to the kitchen for some breakfast.


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