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Nice and Cool

Early this morning it was 39 degrees. But will warm up during the day. 

I was very lazy yesterday and only did a couple of very small things towards the clearing out. Must remedy that today. Also saw a few asparagus spears that have survived Dad getting rid of the bed years ago and must get them today. Need to cut some rhubarb also and make a pie. I did that every year and Mom loved getting a fresh rhubarb pie each spring.

Went to a near by town for supper last night. In a place called Evening with Friends. Saw someone from my old school days, believe they were ahead of me by a couple of grades, and of course, got the usual nosy “are you staying or leaving” question. My reply “oh, guess I will go at some time”. Had already been grilled by a person at the funeral home as to “are you having a sale or an auction? When will you know”. Why don’t people just MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS? 



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