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Last Break

Going out of town for a day and believe this will be the last break I take BHS (before heading south).

Had a visit with the real estate guy and doing a plan B. The folks who would like to buy the house have to sell theirs, the fellow who wants to buy theirs, has to sell his.  Sigh….. So plan B is to see where we are when my departure date is closer. I would like these people to be the ones to get it as she loves the woodwork in this old house and says it would never be painted by her. 

I took a walk yesterday down to where the hospital people had “butchered” the tree line and took all my privacy away and made a decision to at least start some shrubs, even though I won’t be around to enjoy them, hopefully someone will. Stopped by a landscape business in a neighboring town, found some shrubs on sale and a crew available to plant them right then. They followed me home and lo and behold, a done deal.

A few more days boxing things up and then a trip to pick up a trailer. Progress and life going on.

On another blog there was a discussion about cemeteries. I had up loaded a couple of pictures from the one the folks are buried in. In the midwest just slabs of granite, basically. One of the prettier ones here.

If I can get it uploaded.


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Back in Nebraska

Returned late Wed. evening. The final five towns I usually go through evoked a shudder that I listened to so made a right turn on Hwy 24 in Kansas and came back a “new” way for me.

Had a blast in Texas. The wedding reception was a hoot, Karen and I had a great time at the B & B and some time just hanging out, the group at Log Country Cove was super fun also. Hopefully this will jump start me anew to get things finished up here.

My trip to the coast was pretty cool also. Had I not been going to the family gathering at LCC I would have been able to fish in a tournament that I wanted to do for a long time. Oh, well, family first, fishing later!

I am planning a fishing outing with the youngest Granddaughter, hopefully during the Christmas break.

Asked my daughter to email some photos she took but as busy as she is, don’t know if that will happen.

Anyway, will try to upload one of the girls having fun.

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A Different Tuesday


In the spring and fall I love when the windows are open and you can feel, smell and delight in the breezes. Night breezes are special. Little gusts slipping in for a quick cooling caress. Last night was such a night and I slept  so much better. Now, this morning wind advisories are out and  25+ mph gusts are sweeping through the house, south to north. 


Yesterday I drove to a small town in SE Nebraska to get a painting packed and sent to my son in South Carolina. She said she wasn’t sure when it would go as they would have to get special packaging etc. and would send me a bill when it was done. Amazing. Any place that I know of would have had a deposit, or at least a credit card # put on file for protection.


Since it was getting close to noon decided to try The Black Crow for lunch. Have wanted to do dinner there before I leave here but it is pretty “spendy” so thought I would check it out at lunch time. It is in a narrow building on the main drag. I sat in a booth in the bar area and was delighted by the tin covered tall ceiling, long old bar and view of the noon time patrons coming in the door. They had a large private party going on in the dining room so will check that out the next time I go. My lunch was the caesar salad with the best dressing I have had in a long time. Of course I am an anchovy lover and it was very apparent in this salad. My best guess is that it was an anchovy paste added to the dressing but who knows. I sure will experiment with adding it in the future. I use to make caesar salads and just rub the garlic and anchovies in the bowl prior to adding the romaine. Topping it off with a standard dressing made with an all most raw egg (gasp) LOL.  Anyway, had a glass of wine, the caesar with wine poached chicken breast and coffee. They start you off with a few slices of a very warm dense bread and  a light, fruity olive oil to dip it in. Was very good. Then spent an hour or so in an antique shop. Was a great break getting out of town.

The Black Crow



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The weather people are predicting another rocky day for the central plains. Had lots of rain, hail and tornadoes throughout the area last night. We were lucky here but looks like we will be sweating it out again today.

Had a couple of sick days first of the week. Not the “spinning room” vertigo but the motion sickness off balance kind. The worst it’s been since before gall bladder surgery in ’05. Yuk!!

Spent the day yesterday setting up the vacation days for my upcoming trip to Texas. Will have one day in Dallas with son and family, then on to San Antonio for a few days. My daughter and I will get some time together when I go to the wedding reception in Hunt, Tx. Have us booked for two nights at a B & B along the Guadalupe River. A few days at the coast. Back to S.A. to prepare for 3 days up at Kingsland, TX with the family from Dallas and daughter’s family from S.A. My daughter had planned to take her children to Disney World but the untimely death of her MIL and Grandmother prevented that from happening. I think we all have the attitude of lets get together when we can and enjoy one another. You never know what is around any corner. 

I am behind on my list of things to get done before I leave on the 21st so best get at it.

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Did the Fremont Dinner Trail on Saturday evening and it was fun. The food was good and the 40’s decor and music really great. They apologized for the weather as it was raining but for me that was great. The only photo I have of me my eyes were closed. drats!

We also hit a few antiques shops and that was fun also. Found a few items I would have liked to get but do not need anything else to pack and move. Had I loved them three time, would have gotten them anyway. A friend of mine taught me that little trick, you have to love something three times before you shell out the cash.

Back to the clearing out process. 

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