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My friend Deb is getting married in a week or so but the Texas shindig to celebrate it is the end of June. I knew I wanted to go but just how was up in the air. It was all going to cost $$ anyway you sliced it. Fly or drive. There was the possibility that a niece (by marriage) might need to go to Ft Worth so decided to let that help make the decision. Just got the call and yes, she needs to go so, driving it is. Will take a load of “stuff” with me and have company for part of the way. 

The last Saturday of this month is a DOG (dutch oven gathering) a little ways west of Omaha. I am considering making that one. The only downside is they don’t eat until 6 or 6:30 and I will have to make an 80 mile trip going West, right into the sunset to get back to the house. They are at a State Park but I do not have a tent and all the cabooses are rented for the weekend. 



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Looking Forward

to getting back to Dutch Oven cooking. I don’t have my ovens here packed yet because I am sure I will use them this summer at least a couple of times. It will be nice to see my 14 inchers when I get them out of storage in Texas. Hope they are not in too bad of shape.

Since getting Direct TV last year I find the Food Channel addicting. There are several recipes I would like to try and that can also be adapted to the DO.

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