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I was cheering for Tiger yesterday, playing his first tournament since surgery on his knee. During the four days you could see him wincing in pain, sometimes limping, but keeping on. Of course, if Rocco would have won yesterday would not have been too disappointed as he would have been the oldest winner ever. It is nice to see old underdogs win, too. He is old at 45 but a very classy individual. Then later on, was hoping Boston (another old team, like the Spurs) would beat the Lakers but, it did not happen. So another game Tuesday. Maybe then Stern’s finals will be over. 

While all the sports were being played out yesterday I managed to get china packed and part of the pantry cleared out. Finished sorting photos from the matriarchal side of the family.  Woohoo, progress!


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The weather people are predicting another rocky day for the central plains. Had lots of rain, hail and tornadoes throughout the area last night. We were lucky here but looks like we will be sweating it out again today.

Had a couple of sick days first of the week. Not the “spinning room” vertigo but the motion sickness off balance kind. The worst it’s been since before gall bladder surgery in ’05. Yuk!!

Spent the day yesterday setting up the vacation days for my upcoming trip to Texas. Will have one day in Dallas with son and family, then on to San Antonio for a few days. My daughter and I will get some time together when I go to the wedding reception in Hunt, Tx. Have us booked for two nights at a B & B along the Guadalupe River. A few days at the coast. Back to S.A. to prepare for 3 days up at Kingsland, TX with the family from Dallas and daughter’s family from S.A. My daughter had planned to take her children to Disney World but the untimely death of her MIL and Grandmother prevented that from happening. I think we all have the attitude of lets get together when we can and enjoy one another. You never know what is around any corner. 

I am behind on my list of things to get done before I leave on the 21st so best get at it.

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Went out to move the truck last night and darn, a flat!  Just hate that. Will get the compressor  out and see whether I can get it pumped up and off to the garage. The compressor needs to be refilled so must remember to throw that in the bed of the truck and get it that done too.

The other “getter done” item is checking out the sprinkler system for the yard. Have had a couple of folks that can’t back up worth a darn run over the  lawn and may have hit a sprinkler head.

Yesterday started to work on some more boxes to fill and put in the closet for auction time. As I walked through the door to the closet, boom, the bottom dropped out of the box. So, today, must go clean that mess up. I just walked out and let it sit. 

Put in my last Wine.com order for Nebraska. Have a really good foam box/carrier set up for what is left to haul back to Texas but who knows, it may be consumed before then! At my Uncle’s BD party one of the cousins brought some wine he had made and it was darn good.

Nail biting time tonight. The Spurs go back for game 5 in New Orleans. Hope they can pull off another two wins and move on.

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Did the Fremont Dinner Trail on Saturday evening and it was fun. The food was good and the 40’s decor and music really great. They apologized for the weather as it was raining but for me that was great. The only photo I have of me my eyes were closed. drats!

We also hit a few antiques shops and that was fun also. Found a few items I would have liked to get but do not need anything else to pack and move. Had I loved them three time, would have gotten them anyway. A friend of mine taught me that little trick, you have to love something three times before you shell out the cash.

Back to the clearing out process. 

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