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All Good Things

This time away from the hustle and traffic of San Antonio has been good. I have had some personal ups and downs but over all a much needed respite.  The break is also good for my daughter and family. I do get calls of when are you coming back though.

I am hoping to make good use of the time left here. That  rocks back and forth between just chillin’ out and trying to get something accomplished.  Still looking for a place to call my own, whether here or north of San Antonio. Always said I did not want to be this close to the water again with the hurricane potential but have come to the conclusion not to let that interfere with any decision making I am doing.  Have looked at a few properties last week and hope to look at a few more before I go back.

Also played with the pastels a little bit this trip. Need a place to set things up and leave it up. I find I do better when I can walk away and return to view it later instead of always having to pack it all up.

Things will work out, one way or another. As my Dad use to say about traffic, “if you wait long enough, your chance to move will come along so don’t get impatient”.


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Letting Go

It has been almost two years since Mom passed away. I left Nebraska with lots still undone in October of 2008.  Returned in October of 2009 to get more things finished, and to get the house on the market. Still left some things undone but figured another trip in 2010.

I had mixed feelings about the house. It was built almost  100 years ago by my great grand-dad. It is bracketed by the hospital on one side and Friendship Terrace on the other. Both had expressed interest in the property and my fear was one or the other trying for eminent domain as that would most likely mean they would tear down the house.

Before I left in ’08 a couple wanted to purchase it but had to sell their acreage and that just wasn’t happening.  After it was put on the market last October the Real Estate Agent called to tell me he had shown it a few times, including the above mentioned entities. My feelings were still mixed about it all.

Last Friday I finally admitted, outloud, to a friend that I was ready to “let go”. Whatever happened was OK, even if it meant someone would tear it down.

Five days later received a call from the real estate agent that he had an offer to fax to me, and low and behold, it was from the original couple who wanted the house! It seems they had a good, pre-approved buyer for their property. The wife of the couple who want it is the one who told me in ’08  “if we get this house I promise you the wonderful wood work and beams will never be painted”.  Sometimes all it takes is letting go.

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