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Update of the Update

Just reread some of my past posts and realized I never came back about my ex. He did pass away last month. So fast and unexpected. All the kids made it in and, as you can imagine, a rough go for all.

Once again, if possible, be a patient’s advocate if they cannot do it for themselves. My daughter had been through so much when her in-laws died. In fact, her MIL died the day before her grandmother (my Mom)  did last year and now to lose her Dad so soon.  One just never knows what’s around the corner.


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An Editorial

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Wine Update

In the previous post I forgot the Vinho Verde wine was from Twin Vines vineyard. Last night I grilled a sirloin and had a great wine from Napa Valley, a 2002 Beaucanon Merlot. Very tasty indeed.

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Wines of Summer

Two wines that I enjoy on these hot Texas days are a Vinho Verde and a Yellow Tail Sparkling White. The first is from Portugal and has some effervescence to it and the second one from Australia is a nice champagne style bubbly. Both are on the dry side, which I prefer.  There are some light reds around but none in my cabinet. That I hope to change this weekend.

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No Surprise


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