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Mayo Clinic atrium piano, charming older couple…

This couple rocks!!


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School is out and various activities coming up. But first news of a different sort and sad.

My ex-husband lives in San Antonio also. He has always been fairly healthy and had last seen the inside of a hospital about 45 years ago. There was a sudden onset of extremely low platelet count and he did not respond to the first line treatments so a couple of weeks ago they removed his spleen. He did not respond to that at the time. He did go home and received two antibody D treatments but had a bad reaction to them and ended up back in the hospital. Now, with what seems to be a lack of preventive care (no PT or breathing treatments) he ended up with pneumonia and on a ventilator. You just must be an advocate for family and friends in the hospital. My daughter has spent way too much time in the hospital over the years with her in-laws and knows what to watch for and ask for and certainly tried in this case. One of the boys and his wife are flying in today. It will be nice to see them but wish it wasn’t under these circumstances. My ex has remarried and she has taken a leave of absence from work to stay with him which is a good thing.

I am finally going to get to take a granddaughter fishing if nothing goes wrong this time. I am ready. Just hope she doesn’t get too bored but will bring her back to San Antonio when she does. They are due in next Friday and she and I will leave on Saturday for the coast.¬†

Finally found a place for the reunion now to get it reserved.  Tried to call yesterday but no luck.

The final fiduciary tax papers are in and need to be gone over and then sent off. Should be the last of that paperwork. Trying to make marketing decisions on grain is worrisome. I know now why farmers can have sleepless nights.

The other possible fun summer thing is maybe registering for a fishing tournament at Port Aransas in July.

No wonder I can’t find time for a trip back to Nebraska!

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