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Business as Usual

A bill has an obscure passage that allows utilities to protect themselves against declining consumer demand by charging higher and higher prices is wending its way through congress. When we consumers cut  power usage, utility companies will benefit from the ability to raise their rates to maintain their revenue levels. Why should we bust our butts when the utility company reaps the reward?  We do not get any compensation for trying to conserve the way things are now. Nuclear power, to me, is the way to go. 

They are raising the rates on the electricity in Nebraska once again (in Friend).

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Las Vegas

Returned Sunday from Las Vegas. I have never wanted to go to Vegas and now I know why. The good side of it was the getting together with the cousins. Of course there was the usual “family” stuff going on between brother and sister and brother’s wife. I just kept my mouth shut. LOL

The one thing I have to say, though, was that we had some really good food. A great buffet at Ballagios and a fantastic dinner at the Paris. In the Eiffel tower restaurant. And a super lunch at one of the restaurants at the newly opened Encore.

Did a lot of walking and lost $20 to the slots.  People watching was fun too.

Back to chilly Texas but sure better than being further north.

My daughter had a gift certificate from Honey Baked Ham store so we picked one up today and shared a box lunch while there. Tonight will be ham sandwich night and not sure about tomorrow. Maybe ham and scolloped potatoes.

What a game between the Lakers and the Spurs. The Spurs won by one point in the final 10 seconds. Wow

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The Start

of 2009 is rolling along. I just returned from the Texas Coast to  San Antonio to get ready to go to Las Vegas. I do not really want to go but I am playing the “This Will Be an Adventure” game in my head so maybe by Thursday I will be real excited. It is to be a mini reunion with two of my cousins.  It more than likely will be the last time we will get together so must keep that in mind.

Christmas and New Years were very quiet affairs. There were several cold days and some foggy days which is fine but I was not able to do the fishing trip with my granddaughter. We rescheduled that for summer and I am sure we will have a much better time.

Time to get busy and take care of some farm paperwork and plan dinner. 

It was about 45 degrees this morning. Hopefully will warm up before I make a grocery store run! I just don’t like being cold period!

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