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In and Out

Returned to San Antonio from the coast on Monday and now getting ready to head to the Hill Country for a long weekend. It will be pretty chilly up there and here also but it won’t last and no ice to drive on. At least I hope not!!

Next week will be the holiday with the kids out of school then….not sure of what is next on my agenda. Maybe a chance to catch up with some friends here in San Antonio.

Have started my appointments, with dental first. Need to get an eye appointment scheduled also. Physical sometime in the near future now that I am back where my insurance covers me.

Spent a little time at the coast with the former BF … not sure if that will continue or not.  Until I know where I might possibly move may just let that be in the “it is what it is” category.

The uncertain economy sure makes one consider hunkering down for a while and staying put.

Not getting any response from the attorney or real estate agent back in Nebraska. Why does that not surprise me. I just know I am glad to be home in Texas!


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Back in Rockport

Spent most days this week hauling things from a friends barn to the storage shed and so glad that is done and I know they are too!

Will head back to San Antonio sometime Sunday. My friend here has been very, very sick. Her hubby is taking her back to the Dr. this a.m.  In my opinion that should have been done days ago but guess we all think “well, tomorrow I will be better”.  She has company due in next Wed. and know she wants to be all well then. I would like to help her with the work she needs to do but have known her for years and she is like me, wants to do it herself.

So far things are working out in SA.  Hope it continues.

Had an email from a friend who is wanting me to come visit her so will plan that in the next week or so.

Still have the fishing trip with granddaughter on the books for over Christmas vacation.  Yeah!!

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