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After the stressful time of hauling the trailer and finally getting it in storage down at the coast, I can relax for a while.  Also, have my own computer up and running as of this morning and that is a real joy!  My daughter’s is old and slow and she wanted this to happen too, so it is a good thing. Have gotten the Quicken up to date and next, need to work on the spread sheets for the farm and estate stuff.  My granddaughter has an iBook but find that hard on the eyes and also find using the keyboard difficult. I think if I ever got a laptop for other than quick use on the road would have to connect a mouse and keyboard.

Had fun at the party and the scooter rides the weekend I was at the coast. Once again will try to up load a photo.


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Made it to San Antonio with a big white box tailgating me.  Oh, wait, that is the trailer!  LOL Man, I hope I find a place to park it soon. I need to clean the truck up and quit worrying for a few days. Will be off to the coast tomorrow and right now, looks like I will use a storage place down there.

My friend’s party is Friday night and I am looking forward to that.  Will try to put together a post about the trip down but don’t hold your breath.

Kiddos are all fine and doing well.

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Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes – Jimmy Buffett

Red River bound – sometime this week.

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‘Bout Time

In the process of getting things done in the basement discovered another one of the huge old cast iron pipes that is leaking. I am doing a Gone With the Wind suggestion, I’ll think about it tomorrow. In this case tomorrow is next spring.

Trailer about done. Could get most of it finished up this weekend but plan on going to a tailgate party Saturday evening and stopping in at a friend’s auction Sunday at noon. Then will need to mow one last time.

Well, Baby is gone. I do get attached to vehicles and hate to see them go. This time I really hated it as wished it had been a different person. But, I try to keep my word and he was the first to say, I will be out with cash in hand. 

Now, Sweet Momma is it and I really do enjoy driving her.  The trip with the trailer will be interesting.

I did a trip from Nebraska to Texas years ago. Was a very young widow and towed a trailer with all I had, including a three and a half year old, a two year old and an eight month old. Of course, they were in the car, not the trailer. Remember driving with one hand and holding a bottle for the little one. Thinking back on that trip, this one should be “no sweat.”

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