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Super Antsy

Just want to get on the road. Trying to finish things up but not making much headway. Went to the CPA and got more bad news on taxes. He was suppose to call me by Friday with some figues..did not. Haven’t heard from the attorney as I sent the signed inventory in 10 days ago to try an expedite getting the taxes paid to the state , the real estate agent was to come by last week, he didn’t. Geez!!

Haven’t felt good for a couple of weeks but still packing and starting to load the trailer. Tried to take a mirror down and think I bent a screw. Knew I needed help but….

Let see, the good stuff:  weather has been great. Harvest is starting. Small flocks of robins went through a few days ago. All my family is doing fine. Plans are in place for me and a couple of cousins to meet in January in Las Vegas for birthdays and reunion. 

Putting what the poor folks who lost so much from Ike in perspective, things are not bad at all.  I do keep them in my thoughts and prayers as they rebuild their lives.


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Obama/Joe Biden

Hey, Joe, WHO was president during the 1929 crash and TV was around when???

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Loading Started

Went to Elmwood last Tuesday and purchased an enclosed trailer. Have started the loading process, not sure when that will get finished. 

Of course, having a trailer sitting here has set off all the old gossips. One little old lady who really doesn’t speak to me had to come over and “see if I got a trailer house”. I told her no but she had to step over to see for sure and then said “oh” because it is a utility trailer. I did treat her OK but sure wanted to be nasty to her.  LOL

Then at the coffee shop one old guy asked “you get a horse trailer?” Geez, folks, get a life.

I have lived in and or near small towns but never one as nosy and cliquey as this one. I recognized that fact and got out of here as quick as I could when I was seventeen. The only good spin I can put on it is the fact if they are talking about me, they are leaving some body else alone.

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A Laugh

In checking some blogs from Texas who were watching, waiting and evacuating, I had to really laugh at one fellows description of his morning ritual.

“Every morning I get up and read the Bible and the Newspaper…because I want to know what both sides are up to.”

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Last Break

Going out of town for a day and believe this will be the last break I take BHS (before heading south).

Had a visit with the real estate guy and doing a plan B. The folks who would like to buy the house have to sell theirs, the fellow who wants to buy theirs, has to sell his.  Sigh….. So plan B is to see where we are when my departure date is closer. I would like these people to be the ones to get it as she loves the woodwork in this old house and says it would never be painted by her. 

I took a walk yesterday down to where the hospital people had “butchered” the tree line and took all my privacy away and made a decision to at least start some shrubs, even though I won’t be around to enjoy them, hopefully someone will. Stopped by a landscape business in a neighboring town, found some shrubs on sale and a crew available to plant them right then. They followed me home and lo and behold, a done deal.

A few more days boxing things up and then a trip to pick up a trailer. Progress and life going on.

On another blog there was a discussion about cemeteries. I had up loaded a couple of pictures from the one the folks are buried in. In the midwest just slabs of granite, basically. One of the prettier ones here.

If I can get it uploaded.

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When I get discouraged (no if there) I try to remember Roz. What fortitude and perseverance!

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