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Hanging In

Haven’t blogged much lately. Had an ongoing problem with the hospital and their hired contractors. Finally had to get my attorney to send them a letter but the damage had all ready been done. Needless to say, they had been trespassing and took away all the privacy I had by chopping and trimming back trees, shrubs and vegetation. What arrogant jerks they are. 


Drove to Lincoln yesterday for a little shopping and then attended a Husker party. Nebraska football got off to a good start with a win. Hope it continues throughout the season but the Big 12 is tough


The UNL women’s volleyball team (#7) won their first match up against the #2 team. They lost four All American players last year and are having to rebuild their squad.


Well, I have put off closet work as long as I can today so must get at it.


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Two Years Ago

This was written about (as he refers to himself) my #2 son. I just received it this week even though it is two years old. It is nice to know what someone thinks of your child, no matter how old, but sometimes, you learn of past dangers that you “knew” but kept well hidden in your heart and did not truly want to know.

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Nice Evening

Had my nephew over for pizza and wine last night. We had a nice time. Next week he goes back to work after being off for 2 months. He’s the one who had cancer surgery. It sounds as though he will be starting back at seven days a week. They are closing his section of the company out by the end of the year and he will be out of a job after 20+ years. He seems to be handling things pretty well.

I fixed a roasted chicken pizza. The chicken was from the deli which make things so simple. The prep work was easy. Chopped red onion, charred over open flame one poblano pepper, peeled and chopped it, and cut the chicken into bite sized pieces. Infused some olive oil with several slices of garlic and chipolte pepper plus a pinch of cumin. 

In the crust, I added black pepper and a touch of  finely chopped rosemary. Brushed the crust with the olive oil, spooned the sauce on (took the easy way and used Boboli) sprinkled it with grated parmesan, added the chopped ingredients and topped with mozzarella cheese. (lots!). Baked it off then paired it with a fine 2004 Da Vinci chianti reserva. Had a little side salad. 

The estate attorney finally called me back. As I suspected he had been on vacation and had just returned from Wyoming. Said he was glad he missed the heat wave here. Things bumping along and I have to crunch a few numbers and get them to him today. This stuff sure moves slow. Today I do not have a plan so think I will head to the Green Top Cafe for coffee and have a plan by the time I leave. A good jolt of caffeine is on order.

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Progress and Treat

Today I washed up several sets of dishes and got them boxed for the auction. Then decided I needed a real treat.

Heated up a cast iron skillet and made steak au poivre from a filet of ribeye.  Cracked the peppercorns and let the filet out of the frig for 30 minutes or so. Coated it with the peppercorns and a light drizzle of olive oil and popped it into the fairly hot skillet with Kosher salt on the bottom. About 4 minutes or so on each side then wrapped in some foil to rest.  Deglazed the skillet with some brandy and flambed it. When the flame was out added some cream and let it reduce. Plated the steak with a drizzle of the sauce, small salad with bleu cheese dressing and toasted ciabata  rolls. Must not forget the glass of Primus. A wonderful red wine from Chili. It is a blend of Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Oh, yes, I feel treated tonight.

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Sweet Momma

had her first maintenance today. Plus I got a factory receiver hitch installed. I did forget to check and see

if they reset learn tire positions as tire rotation was included in this scheduled maintenance. Will do that before I run her in the garage. After leaving the dealership I went on into Lincoln for a couple of errands and lunch. 

I know better than this but tried a bowl of cioppino today. Now, a seafood soup in Lincoln, NE, well, as I said, should have known better. Will put on my list of things to make at home and not eat out unless you are in California. And California is NOT on my radar at all. Thought I would get back and get a couple more boxes packed but think if I do that at all, will be two or so  from  the kitchen later this evening. Nap sounds good about now.

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