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I put “work” aside this weekend other than mowing. Back to the basement today.

On Sunday watched a friend demo knife painting live, online. Was fun, inspiring, and garnered a few tips for whenever I try my hand at being creative again. You can see the results here : http://susansartjournal.blogspot.com

This morning at 75 degrees, a cool gusting breeze (around 28 mph) is teasing me. I know it will be hot soon so will just enjoy.

The black walnut trees are dropping their strongly husked treasures. One has to desire them tremendously to go through the process to extract the nutmeats! Just getting enough for a pan of fudge is daunting. I pretty well have to mow with the deck at a 4 inch height to avoid hitting them as they nestle in the grass. Probably the last summer I will have to contend with this so will not gripe anymore than this. lol


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Started on the basement the day before yesterday. This morning had to pick myself up by the nape of the neck and throw me downstairs. I vow, repeat,  VOW, to never leave my kids with such a mess. 

Yesterday met my nephew for a movie and then lunch. Had a good time. I will admit that it did put things in perspective as he is recovering from cancer surgery. He looked really good and seems to have a good attitude. He did say since hindsight is 20/20 he would have gotten a second opinion before surgery.

We went to see The Dark Knight. Somewhat different than I expected, including the ending.

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I’ve Been Everywhere (in Texas that is…)

Been to a lot of these towns but have a lot to go. When I have a down day I just play this video.

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Monday already

July is on the down hill slide. I am getting the feeling that time here will now accelerate and I had better get with the program.

The photos are from the log house we rented for a get together at Kingsland Tx. The one of the chairs and deck with the solitary drink (my pomegranate margarita) is one of my favorites but I don’t know why yet. The other is the view of the cove from that deck. Personally I would like to be on this deck during a cold rainy time in the winter. Texas winter, that is!!


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While I was gone

I also became a Great Grandma. Miss Anna Sofia. A real cutie.

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Back in Nebraska

Returned late Wed. evening. The final five towns I usually go through evoked a shudder that I listened to so made a right turn on Hwy 24 in Kansas and came back a “new” way for me.

Had a blast in Texas. The wedding reception was a hoot, Karen and I had a great time at the B & B and some time just hanging out, the group at Log Country Cove was super fun also. Hopefully this will jump start me anew to get things finished up here.

My trip to the coast was pretty cool also. Had I not been going to the family gathering at LCC I would have been able to fish in a tournament that I wanted to do for a long time. Oh, well, family first, fishing later!

I am planning a fishing outing with the youngest Granddaughter, hopefully during the Christmas break.

Asked my daughter to email some photos she took but as busy as she is, don’t know if that will happen.

Anyway, will try to upload one of the girls having fun.

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