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Getting ready to head to Hunt, TX for a couple of days. Really looking forward to it.

It seems I have lost a post.  Gotta go look for it. Will update again later.


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What a View

A quick shower just rolled through  and the air looks clean and smells good. In the back yard and the back forty are a couple of black birds, a robin, and what looked like a cardinal that landed in the cherry tree,  a rabbit hunkered up under an urn and a squirrel frisking around. Just a cool visual. Life is good.

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Disappearing Act

Once again the Gremlins are at work. I had some deposits slips from the bank that is strictly for the Farm sitting on the dinning room table. At one point in time I cleared the table off and poof! cannot find hide nor hair of those slips. Now, you say, why worry about a few deposits slips. Well, because it was about a 40 mile round trip to get them. And repeating that trip anytime soon is not on my list of things to do. LOL I had other business at the bank and remembered while there I needed the slips Surely they will pop up when I am not looking for them.

Boston won the NBA championship and Tiger won the U.S. Open.  Now, into basketball withdrawal. Oh, wait, there is a game tonight with the LNBA with the San Antonio women playing Atlanta. 

It stormed again last night. The winds gusted fairly strong as it moved through the area and we were under another tornado warning. I don’t believe the winds hit 60 mph but they did just a few miles west of us. I should have mowed yesterday but maybe it will be dry enough by tomorrow to get it done. 

The back of Sweet Momma is packed except for my large duffle bag. Sure hope we do not run into any rain on the way to Moore, OK. Will get rid of some weight there as taking tools my son had pulled from Dad’s work bench and did not have room for in his vehicle. 

Today will finish up the To Do list for the most part that I wanted done before leaving on my Texas trip.

Best get at it.

‘Bout an hour later:  Found the deposit slips right where I put them. The ol’ brain cell (singular  for a reason) finally kicked in.


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some days is a real challenge, much less getting out the door and getting some exercise then I remember to

check this blog


I don’t need to say anything more.


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I was cheering for Tiger yesterday, playing his first tournament since surgery on his knee. During the four days you could see him wincing in pain, sometimes limping, but keeping on. Of course, if Rocco would have won yesterday would not have been too disappointed as he would have been the oldest winner ever. It is nice to see old underdogs win, too. He is old at 45 but a very classy individual. Then later on, was hoping Boston (another old team, like the Spurs) would beat the Lakers but, it did not happen. So another game Tuesday. Maybe then Stern’s finals will be over. 

While all the sports were being played out yesterday I managed to get china packed and part of the pantry cleared out. Finished sorting photos from the matriarchal side of the family.  Woohoo, progress!

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One way To Enjoy your Job

Received this in an email and thought it was cute.

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I first heard the word as a child

Probably from Dicken’s

A child

No Mother, No Father

A story


Later The Orphan Train

Sad tale

Aging souls seeking siblings

Living their lives, wondering

No Mother, No Father

A story


Fast forward

Days and decades fly

Time running rings around

It’s here now

No Mother, No Father

A reality

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