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As Needed

Yesterday the latest visit in the chiropractic saga. Will go back if/as needed. Still in pain but way down. Had to laugh, though, when I got to his office. Said my back pain  wasn’t so bad since I just finished this years mammogram. The mammogram film was a digital film. Compared to the old style, what a difference. Such sharper images.

Last week had a couple of ideas for the blog but whoosh, out of mind. Oh, well, some new will pop up soon I hope.


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Well, my sis showed up Thursday night, got most of what she wanted packed in her vehicle, went to her class reunion and then left Sat. a.m. I thought about just telling her what I and others thought about her and her actions, or lack thereof but decided against it. Would not accomplish anything and I have come to the conclusion  she is just clueless. When she left said she probably would not be back. I almost told her that this is the last time we’ll see each other but didn’t do that either. As I said, she is clueless.

The kiddos from OK City showed up late Saturday night and it was so good to see them. They were on their way back from her folks in Michigan. Hope they make it home OK, had a bad spot of weather south of Wichita, Kansas to Ponca City, OK about the time they were going through there. I called them to let them know so hope they paid attention.

It was very depressing to see them leave. I must get things done here and get out.

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Thunderstorms moved into the area sometime early this morning. Rolled out of bed long enough to unplug the computer etc. Still some lightening and thunder going on, and lots of rain. Just checked out Colorado way and cloudy only so guess Mom’s other daughter will pull in here around five or so this afternoon. She is suppose to attend her class reunion tomorrow night. Then load up the Mom’s bedroom suite and head back. Not staying long enough to work, that’s for sure. 

The Oklahoma group has been in MI visiting her folks. Her Mom has been having some health problems also. They are to get here probably late Saturday. Will be nice to have them here for a day at least.

My beloved Spurs lost last night after leading most of the game. Just damn!

Need to make a grocery store run today. It should be cloudy and cool once these storms move out. Trying to figure out what to eat on Sunday while the kiddos are here. Bruschetta at some point for sure.

Everything got planted on the farm earlier this week. Just hope this wasn’t strong enough rain to wash the seed out. 

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I have a friend whose husband uses mowing as his “therapy” time. I didn’t understand it until I came to Nebraska and decided he had the right idea. Of course, he takes care of about 13 acres and I have a little less than one to mow so his session may be more beneficial. The days during late spring, summer and early fall  was indeed therapy time for me over the last few years. Now, as I work on being more in the present, I decided that anytime I am on the mower can be a time to think about the past and the future without throwing up a mental STOP. 


I made a couple of batches of bruschetta  over the last two days…well, at least my version of it and it was really good. Of course, had to do without fresh basil and since I am a garlic lover added it to the veggies as well as rubbing the bread. That is one good positive about being alone, you can eat garlic and onions to your heart’s content. I know having my daughter around when I get to San Antonio will provide me with an eating buddy. Hate to give in to the rest of the family but know some days, will have to provide “something” else for them to eat.  My SIL is strictly a meat and potato kind of guy.  


The old back has some days a little better and some not. One more trip to Lincoln next week for medical stuff. 

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My friend Deb is getting married in a week or so but the Texas shindig to celebrate it is the end of June. I knew I wanted to go but just how was up in the air. It was all going to cost $$ anyway you sliced it. Fly or drive. There was the possibility that a niece (by marriage) might need to go to Ft Worth so decided to let that help make the decision. Just got the call and yes, she needs to go so, driving it is. Will take a load of “stuff” with me and have company for part of the way. 

The last Saturday of this month is a DOG (dutch oven gathering) a little ways west of Omaha. I am considering making that one. The only downside is they don’t eat until 6 or 6:30 and I will have to make an 80 mile trip going West, right into the sunset to get back to the house. They are at a State Park but I do not have a tent and all the cabooses are rented for the weekend. 


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Out of Proportion?


I don’t know if I am  paranoid or just way out in left field but I do tend to project onto others what I would do in a similar situation. Upon returning to the house this morning I was approached by a hospital employee who was cleaning up some leaves on their property. Let me preface this by saying when they built the hospital addition next to this property they did NOT do it according to code as pertaining to property lines. Wonder who and why the city let that slip by. Anyway, she said the hospital was interested in the 

lawn ornaments (urns)  and the bird bath in my backyard. Well, first off, I do know the lawn ornaments are antique, and maybe they do not know that. I have a dealer who had asked for first right of refusal for the urns.  The hospital is in financial difficulty and just got the vote to start a hospital district to get funds in to help pay attorney’s fees from a lawsuit they brought on themselves. The birdbath is in not very good condition though, and I mentioned that to her. She replied “John (hospital administrator) looked at it as he was out here and walked over to see it”. Well, I would not walk into some ones backyard to look at items unless I had asked permission to do so.  The fellow they had doing their mowing this past weekend also ran his big mower down my driveway, through the back, to get to their enclosed area without so much as a by your leave. Already spoke to him about that and he apologized 

and said he would not do it again, but the attitude around here just drives me up a wall. There is no respect for privacy and/or other peoples property IMHO.

Maybe part of my annoyance is just received a bill from them pertaining to Mom’s final stay and it was over 3K for one day of observation. 

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Mowing Done

Once again the threat of rain made me go mow. Just a little rain and the grass and weeds go berserk. But it looks good and I dropped the deck to get as much of the clover as possible. Also was able to see a garter snake trying to get out of the way and was able to stop in time. I have killed a couple over the years and just hate it when that happens.

There is a blog I have been reading and what a writer.

The Task at Hand and http://www.wunderground.com/blog/shoreacres/comment.html?entrynum=29&tstamp=200805

If you have time, sit back and enjoy.

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