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Did the Fremont Dinner Trail on Saturday evening and it was fun. The food was good and the 40’s decor and music really great. They apologized for the weather as it was raining but for me that was great. The only photo I have of me my eyes were closed. drats!

We also hit a few antiques shops and that was fun also. Found a few items I would have liked to get but do not need anything else to pack and move. Had I loved them three time, would have gotten them anyway. A friend of mine taught me that little trick, you have to love something three times before you shell out the cash.

Back to the clearing out process. 


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Bits and Pieces

Packed up some of my kitchens items today. I had saved the original boxes for this point in time. They are stacked on the back porch.

I’ve been mulling over just how to proceed with this move. My friend in Hunt, Texas is getting married next month (a private affair) but throwing a Texas shindig the end of June. If I don’t take any road trip breaks (and who can afford the gas) before then, may load up Sweet Momma with some of my stuff and head down. I can rent a storage unit and pull stuff out of a barn where it has been stored by the coast and at least have that much done. But will continue to think about it and see what just “pops up” as the best thing to do. Time will tell.

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Getting Ready

for the work part of summer outside. Had the mower picked up this morning to be serviced which means no excuse for not getting the mowing done. Just wish it was that easy in the house.

A few more things boxed up this a.m. and a mental list of a few others to finish. So I had best get at it.

I am becoming addicted to the Food Channel. And that is not good for my weight. Bought too much at the grocery store yesterday. Also put on a pot of pinto beans and ham hocks last night in the slo cooker. Great breakfast but was missing the wonderful 1015 onions from Texas to go with it.

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For some reason I just procrastinate about getting back to work on the house. It is time to “get ‘er done”.

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Pushing Through

Thought I would get up and be rarin’ to go today. Wrong. Did not get to sleep until almost 2 a.m. then the sounds of a chain saw woke me a little before eight and I got my butt up.  I must change my bedtime habits. NO t.v. on and cut out surfing the net. Then maybe I can get some decent sleep.  Then my daughter called to let me know she was staying home today with her little one and she talked for over an hour. Since that rarely happens, I just enjoyed it!  Not much work going on in San Antonio as this is Fiesta week. I will be glad to get back to the Land Of Things To Do If You Want To. Just dreading the work I have to go through to get there. Such is life.

O.K. Time to do something. I know, get the letter off to the IRS. LOL

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Just Nebraska

Ended up with another nephew coming out yesterday afternoon and we had a nice time. He even enjoyed watching me jump and yell over the Spurs game. (they won in second overtime).

So decided would wait until today and make a run for groceries and the doggone wind is blowing over 20 mph. But it is warm. LOL So guess I will take Sweet Momma (new truck) out and make the run anyway. Sure is tough, though, with gas prices through the roof.

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Sunny But Cool

Woke up to a sunny day but cool. Had planned on an auction today but right now don’t think I will go. My nephew is returning the mower this a.m. Had planned on doing it yesterday but was cold and rainy so he decided to wait until this morning. The auction is outside and should be up to 60 by then but still a north chilly breeze.

The NBA playoffs start at noon so may just take a day and relax. I worked on the two tax folders that will need to go to the CPA last night. Think I have them under control. Will finish up one spreadsheet this weekend and get the second one started. This is not a fun thing to do.

Finish the last of the clothes the first of the week  then start on the next closet project.

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